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No climax, no point, no meaning.

everywhere you go, lights flash.

the name’s lia; in my heart is a heavenly psycho.
seventeen years of age, born on the eighteenth day of june a college freshman somewhere in my oh-so-hot country. uh, i’m kind? i guess. that was very random, i’m sorry.

things that make lia’s life a tad interesting; the place i’ll return to is the melody you sing.
i'm a yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi lover. i love johnny’s entertainment and KAT-TUN is my main fandom. i adore akanishi jin the most but nishikido ryo started it all. (gachapin?) oh yea, akame is my otp ♥ i'm also into jrock bands like the Gazette in which ruki rules in my heart. uruha and his sexy legs comes next. recently, i've been into kpop and i really like FT Island, MBLAQ and SHINee ♥ :D also a certified otaku since five :D

lia writes fanfiction; cause we’re gonna reach for the eden.
since i started (and loved) reading fanfictions last year, i decided to try and write one. so yea, i wrote my first ever fic last october twenty-eight two thousand and eight. and here i am now, writing and will be writing more. it makes me very happy. i’m glad i tried. if you want to read my fics, which are mainly je fics, you can read it in the community linked below or read it in my lj, they’re not locked anyway.

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